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Zoho Sites allows multiple users to collaborate on a website. Administrators can invite other users to a website, and can grant them two levels of  access privileges - Authors or Administrators.
To enable sharing, point your mouse over Manage and choose Sharing from the drop-down menu.


Administrators  have all the permissions as the owner of the website except that they  will not be able to delete the site and create/customize forms. If you  want Administrators to be able to  customize forms, choose the  administrator's email address from the 'Form Developer Sharing' option  at the bottom Sharing page and save the settings. To enable form data  view permission, enable the check box option 'Form data view permission'  before sending out an invite.


You  can appoint authors to your website, and let them make changes. By  default, authors will be able to publish the changes. You need to select  from the list of pages, the ones to which you are granting access.

1. Enter the email address of the person you want to share your website with.
2. Select the role from the list.
3. Click on "Share" to send them the invitation email.

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