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Only published websites are accessible to users. So after designing your website, you need to preview how it would appear to your users, and then publish it if everything is in place. 


At the top right corner of your site editor, you will find a green button labelled "Publish". Clicking on it will take you to the preview page. After verifying your website, you can publish it live by clicking on the Publish button. If you want to publish minor changes without having to preview them, click on the Publish Site link on the dropdown menu.

Unpublishing a website:

You can also bring a published website down.
1. Move your mouse over the green "Publish" button at the top right corner of the site editor.
2. Click on the last option, "Unpublish".
3. Confirm.

Picking a domain for your website:
Before a site is published, you'll need to pick a domain name first.
1. You can either choose a free subdomain of zohosites.com
2. Or register a new domain 
3. Or use a domain you already own.

Free subdomain:

Subdomains are of the format, yoursitename.zohosites.com. This can be changed anytime based on availability, but not advisable from SEO perspective (You'll learn more of it later.)

Register a domain:
If your preferred domain name is available, you can register it with Zoho Sites. If it has already been taken, a list of close matches will be displayed alternatively. You can choose one from the list or pick another. 

Use an existing domain:
Suppose you already own a domain that you would like to host with us, all you need to do is verify your ownership of the domain.

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