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Password Protection

Using password you can now restrict the visitor access to an individual page or a group of pages. There are two types of passwords.

  1. Site Level Password
  2. Page Password

Site Password:

If you like to protect all the pages on your site using the same password, then use the site password. This enables you to share one password with many users who are permitted to access all the pages it unlocks.

Page Password:

Otherwise, to protect each page using a separate passwords, use page password. Suppose a page should only be accessed by one user, you could protect it with a page password, and share the password with the user.  

Setting a Site Level Password

1. Access the Settings page.

2. Type the Password in Password Protection section and save it.

Note that setting a site password alone will not protect any page. It just helps you keep a common password for all the pages that you want to protect using Manage Pages option. You will have to explicitly pick the pages you want to protect, and specify the type of password you want to protect it with. Here is how.

1. In your site builder, hover your mouse over pages and select "Manage Pages" from the menu.

2. You'll see all your pages will be listed, and a lock icon beside each page. Click on the lock icon of the page you want to protect.

3. Select the check box labelled, "Protect this page."

4. Select the type of password you want to protect this page with. By default Site Password is selected.

5. Save the changes.

If you choose Site Password here, the password you had set in the settings section will be applied. If you haven't set one yet, you can do it here too.

If you choose the Page Password, you'll be prompted to set a unique password for your page. Type a password and save the changes.

Note again that for password protection to take effect, you will have to publish your website first. Whenever a protected page is accessed by a user, here is how they will be prompted for the password.

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