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Newsletter Subscription

For periodic communication through newsletters, you can easily collect email addresses and send out emails with the newsletter subscription form. Adding a newsletter subscription form requires no coding or complex procedure. You only have to drag and drop the form on to your website to get visitors to subscribe to your newsletter.

To add a newsletter subscription form

1. Select the forms tab on the page where you want to put the form.
2. Locate the newsletter subscription widget.
3. Drag and Drop on to the page.

To setup your newsletter subscription

1. Select whether you want your email contacts in MailChimp or Zoho Campaigns and click Save.

2. In the fields, importantly, select the mailing list to which you want to add your subscribers. For e.g. If you have selected Zoho Campaigns, the mailing lists from your account are presented in a drop-down format from which you can select the mailing list to connect to your Zoho Sites account.

3. If you select a MailChimp account, you will have to login to your account to select a mailing list to be connected to Zoho Sites.
4. Click Save.

To customize your form

1. Click inside the newsletter subscription form area and you will be able to type out your custom message. 
2. To edit or go back to the Newsletter Setup, click Customize Newsletter.
3. You can change the layout or the style of your newsletter subscription form. Pick a style from the Change Layout drop-down 

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